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Application Introduction
Step 1: Company Overview
Step 2: Additional Locations
Step 3: Employees and Officers
Step 4: References
Step 5: Services
Step 6: Zip Code Coverage
Step 7: Electronic Signature
Step 8: Payment and Submission
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Application Number:  
Please select a password so you may resume the application process if you cannot complete the entire application in one session.

Your application number will be created for you automatically when you click Begin Application. This number will be needed to resume the application process in the future. It will appear in the heading above while you are in the Online Application Kit.

Please contact IMACC at (630) 527-9052 for further assistance.
Thank you.

Welcome to the IMACC Online Application Kit. This system will step you through the process of applying to become an IMACC Member. This application process is intended for contractors wishing to join the IMACC Network. If you have any questions, please contact our office at (630) 527-9052. Thank you.

Please note: IMACC is currently not accepting new applications in S.E. Michigan unless applicants have an endorsement from an IMACC client insurer.

Please allow approximately one hour to complete this application. You will need the following items readily available:

1. Company information, mailing and physical addresses, employee information, financials, and contractor licensing info.
2. All locations associated with your company that you would like IMACC to have knowledge of. Your additional locations are listed on our Website.
3. The names of all officers and key employees associated with your company as well as titles and cell phone numbers.
4. All certifications held by your restoration company.
5. At least 3 insurance company references. You must provide a contact person as well as their telephone number.
6. The names of the Preferred Vendor Programs that your company currently participates in.
7. The name, address, and contact information for your corporate bank as well as your corporate checking account and routing numbers.
8. A complete list of services provided by your company as well as the percentage of jobs that are subcontracted through your company.
9. A complete equipment inventory.
10. A complete list of zip codes (or counties) that your company currently serves.
11. Copy of Certificate of Liability Insurance, W-9, all licenses with both state and/or local levels as required by law.
12. The ability to sign a legal document electronically. You must be a principal of your organization to complete this task.
13. A Visa or MasterCard to process the nonrefundable $350 USD Application Fee.

Please note: A nonrefundable Application Fee of $350 USD applies and will be collected via electronic payment before your application is submitted.
Please be prepared with either a Visa or MasterCard to complete the transaction.


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